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Top attorneys. Fast, affordable and easy.  From contract review to debt collection and much more. Start your plan today and get the help you need to grow.


Purpose-built small business legal protection



*per month, billed monthly

Legal essentials

  • Unlimited new matter phone consultations
  • Fixed-fee document drafting
  • Fixed-fee trademark filings
  • Two contract reviews monthly (10 pages)
  • 3 attorney calls or demand letters on your behalf each year

Web compliance

  • Website ADA compliance review
  • Website terms of use and privacy policy review
  • GDPR compliance review



*per month, billed monthly

All the features of the Value plan, plus

  • Two contract reviews monthly (20 pgs)
  • 6 attorney calls or demand letters on your behalf each year
  • Free company formation
  • Quarterly "Peace of Mind 365" reviews
  • 25% off any uncovered service

Web compliance

  • Custom website terms of use and privacy policy drafting & updates

Tax matters

  • Annual business tax review and savings meeting (before filing)



*per month, billed monthly

All features of the Gold plan plus

  • Dedicated Sr. Corporate attorney
  • Legal answers on-demand via chat
  • Discounted tax preparation
  • 6 additional calls or letters on your behalf each year
  • Employee handbook
  • Onboarding/termination checklist
  • 35% off any uncovered service

JUSTLAW can save you up to 90% on your legal bills. And remember, the cost of your membership is tax deductible

Law that works for you

Top attorneys armed with cutting-edge technology

Full legal protection for your business for as little as $10/week. 

We use technology to create efficiencies and speed. Stop paying attorneys by the hour. With JUSTLAW, you'll get complete protection at an affordable, transparent price. 

Schedule appointments online. Get fast, complete answers through our web portal or chat. Whatever. Whenever. You'll have legal help at your fingertips.

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Some sobering statistics

There are more than 40 million lawsuits filed every year in the United States.

Source: One Legal


national average for any attorney outside of the JUSTLAW network. Annual JUSTLAW membership = $294.

Save $9,400

Or more, each year with a JUSTLAW membership.

60% +

of small business owners report having one or more legal issues in the prior two years.

Don't see your issue? Don't worry! 

Our attorneys have expertise in over 50 subject matter areas. Call us toll free!

Hear it straight from our clients

Amazing business & services - I was connected with an attorney who established my LLC for me in 2 days for 1/5 of the cost of a standard

Kathleen Ridgway

Founder of Kathleen Ridgway LLC, JUSTLAW Client

Most attorneys don’t move at the speed of business. When I need reliable, fast legal advice, I call JUSTLAW.

Eric Kelly

Founder & CEO of SouthBox, JUSTLAW client

5 stars on Google reviews

“Built by business people, for business people.”

Lawyer and JUSTLAW founder Jason Gabbard has over 25 years experience helping small businesses. As a child, he watched his father's tree care business struggle firsthand with finding transparent and affordable legal counsel. 

After law school, Jason began questioning how the current legal market distributes everyday legal needs to the people—finding no good answers, he launched JUSTLAW.

Jason Gabbard

Founder of JUSTLAW

The World's First On-Demand Network of Top Attorneys

JUSTLAW represents a major breakthrough for modern legal practice, using technology to improve your access to justice. Our technological advances are part of a growing shift in the legal industry, with technology facilitating more convenient, affordable, and on-demand benefits.




Access top attorneys, in any state, at any time.


Seamlessly switch lawyers at no extra cost.




No more wasted time on scheduling and commutes.

Your Way

Prefer to chat? Like video? You choose the channel. We're here to serve.

"One of the biggest advantages of our network is its diversity: in expertise, methods and overall representation. For decades people have blamed their legal issues on bad luck. With JUSTLAW we're finally delivering the access to justice Americans deserve."

– Mayur Amin, JUSTLAW network attorney

Your voice matters

Our attorneys are top-notchand top-rated

Small business owners struggle to understand what a good outcome looks like when working with attorneys. That's why we put you in charge. We've pioneered the industry's first 2-way lawyer rating system to let you be the judge. 

We have put you in the driver's seat to help ensure that our community consists of only the top attorneys. Attorneys that don't match your and our high quality thresholds are removed from our exclusive and carefully vetted network.

Finally, law that makes sense. 


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*It is up to the Provider Lawyer's professional judgment as to whether or not your claim, defense or legal position may prevail in court or is frivolous or without merit.

Fines, court costs, filing fees, ad litem fees, penalties, expert witness fees, bonds, bail bonds and any out-of-pocket expense are not covered by this membership.

Matters, issues, consultations, actions, proceedings, or disputes between a member and the Provider Attorney or the member and the Company are excluded from this membership. Any matter which the Provider Attorney determines is resolved or has been raised an unreasonable number of times without substantial change of circumstance will no longer be serviced under the membership. Any matters which are covered by any insurance policy are excluded from coverage.